Secondary School Students Participate In High School Speech Competition

Basseterre: St. Kitts, March 03, 2021: First to fourth form students from across eight secondary schools within the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis will be participating in a high school competition, being held as part of the 60th Anniversary celebration of ZIZ Broadcasting Cooperation.

The ZIZ 60th Anniversary Goldwin O Speech Contest will be held live on March 4 at 8pm at the ZIZ Broadcasting Cooperation media studio. Participating students from the Basseterre High, Cayon High, Charles E. Mills Secondary, Charlestown Secondary School, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Nevis International Secondary School, Verchilds High School and the Washington Archibald High School are expected to present on the topic- “Making the case for Broadcast Media (Radio), in a world of Emerging Technology”.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. William Vincent Hodge explained that this collaboration between ZIZ and Ministry of Education will be very beneficial to the participants. Students’ research skills will be harnessed, their listening skills improved, and they will experience a boost in their self-confidence.

“There are several benefits that the students stand to gain from participating in this exercise…building their self-confidence and their ability to develop their articulation and enunciation skills. Additionally because they [will be] engaged in research, getting new information they will be able to develop their research skills…add new information to their repertoire.” He said “it’s going to encourage them to listen to radio more, that radio has a value”.

Mr. Hodge noted that ZIZ “seeks to engage young people with a view to helping students, children to be good speakers and, to be able to speak spontaneously…” through their Saturday Morning Programme.

He further stated that young people should be able to represent themselves vocally at short notice, adding that the speech competition will be an additional building block in achieving such.

PS Hodge congratulated ZIZ Broadcasting Cooperation on celebrating their Diamond Anniversary and wished them every success.


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