Senior Minister Harris praises leaders of Early Childhood

ZIZ News…Nov. 12, 2010 – Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Senior Minister and Parliamentary Representative for St Christopher #7 praised Mrs Vanta Walters and staff of the Early Childhood Unit of St Kitts. Dr Harris, speaking to parents at the Opening Ceremony of a parenting workshop at the Tabernacle Day Care Centre, told the audience that the Early Childhood Unit has benefited from the experience and expertise of its visionary leader, Mrs Vanta Walters. Dr Harris said to her credit “Mrs Walters had nurtured one of the best cadre of leaders of Early childhood leaders in the Caribbean in Mesdames Morris, Otto and Dolphin”. Dr Harris also congratulated Mrs Tyson, the supervisor of the Tabernacle Day Care Centre for her able leadership.

He encouraged parents to support the work of the Day Care Centre in Tabernacle. Dr Harris said they offered a sage, secure and nurturing environment in which children can develop and grow. He said research has shown that children who participate in early childhood programmes tend to have better adjusted personalities and perform better in the education system. Perhaps it is time to test the results here to see how they are replicated in St Kitts.

The Senior Minister said parenting is a skill which can be honed and everyday an opportunity arises for parents to be better equipped to meet the challenges of parenting which keep evolving in a fast paced world.

He urged participants to invite others to the sessions and to take them seriously.

The Opening Ceremony was also addressed by Early Childhood veteran, Mrs Vanta Walters. Mrs Walters thanked Dr Harris for his support for her work programme whilst he served as Minister of Education. She congratulated him for the state of the art Day Care Facility at Tabernacle and his fulsome support for early child care development.

The early childhood specialist then went on to give a broad overview of the parenting workshops. The sessions are expected to start at 6 p.m. Also in attendance were Mrs Jacqueline Morris, Rosalind Otto, Valerie Dolphin and Eunice Sargeant of the Early Childhood Department. The vote of thanks was delivered by Paulette Tyson, Supervisor at the Tabernacle Day Care.

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