Senior Officers slated to undergo advanced security screening using most recent technology available

(RSCNPF): As the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force continues the transformation into a modern day Police Service; one built on integrity and service delivery, new policies and protocols are being put in place to ensure both.

One such new protocol is the introduction of Polygraph Technology in the recruiting and selection process. Over the last months, all recruits in “Training Class 41” were screened using Polygraph Technology.

Commencing this week, all Senior Officers of the Police Service will also undergo Advanced Security Screening. The screening of Senior Officers was first announced by Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian M. Queeley in January at his New Year’s Lecture to the Police Service.

Commissioner Queeley said, “as we continue to look at criminal activity both within and outside of our borders, in order for us to be most effective we must operate in an environment of continued trust.” He added, “our country expects the highest standards of integrity in those we entrust with the security of our nation and so, as Commissioner, I have decided that there is no more a transparent way than to employ the most advanced security screening for our officers. Starting this week we will screen all of the Senior Officers, and then begin to screen all other Officers within Police Service.

Every Officer will be screened to ensure continued suitability for their current and future assignments within the Police Service.

The Commissioner stated, “we will employ a mix of advanced screening protocols, which are in line with best practices internationally. Our officers will be screened using the most advanced system called EyeDetect.” In addition, “Officers will also undergo a detailed Forensic Polygraph Examination and a Psychometric assessment to ascertain mental suitability.”

Commissioner Queeley noted, “once we embark on this initiative, the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force would be one of the few Police Services in the region to complete such detail security screenings on its officers. We know this will help to maintain integrity in our ranks, and continued community confidence in the Police Service.”

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