Seniors to compete in Houses

Sports Page — The seniors of Nevis will be competing in four house teams, come Thursday 15th October.

That is when they will be hosting their inaugural seniors’ fun and action sports day.

Coordinator of the seniors’ division, Mrs. Garcia Hendrickson, made the disclosure on Wednesday as the seniors enjoyed their day of movies and games at the Jessups Community center.

The seniors then made a draw to determine which house they would be representing on the big day.

The four houses are: Flambuoyant (peach); Hibiscus (purple); Lily (maroon) and Rose (pink). Each house will be assigned a personal coach.

Each race will feature two participants from each house. A total of eight persons per race.

Each participant will be given a medal and these medals will be handed out immediately after the dance past.

Mrs. Hendrickson also announced that prospective vendors at the event will be required to register with a fee of $75.00 which will go towards offsetting expenses for the event.

Spectators however will enter the park, free of cost.

During the course of the meet, some of the seniors will walk around the Park to collect a free will offering from the spectators. This will be used towards future programs for the seniors.

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