Seventh Day Adventist E.Y.E.S. Seminar

(ZIZ News) — Every year, the third Saturday in March is observed as Youth Day by the Seventh Day Adventist Church annually.

And this year the Zion Seventh Day Adventist Church in Sandy Point will commemorate the day with a youth seminar.

The seminar will be held under the theme “E.Y.E.S” (Enhancing Youth Empowerment Seminar).

In an interview with ZIZ News, Youth Leader Gloria Mills said the Seventh Day Adventist Church worldwide makes provision for the education of the youth as an integral part of the church body.

She spoke about the significance of E.Y.E.S.

“ Children and youth, elders too, we remember much when what we read is set in a kind of pattern and so what was put there to make up the acronym has to do with the development of the young people. Enhancing: that is part of their natural development, Youth: they are youth and Empowerment and it is a part of their motivation as well,” she said.

Khalyd Seaton of the friends and explorers pathfinders club outlined what can be expected at the seminar.

“The youth will be encouraged to ask questions concerning how the church is operated and what they don’t understand,” he said.

He also said the seminar will assist in youth development.

“The seminar will help youth development by building self esteem, make you more brave, it encourages you, it also helps you to learn more about the church and in time you can take it over and know what to do and also help the other generations,” he said.

According to Ms. Mills the church is inviting the public to the EYES seminar which will take place at the Seventh Day Adventist Church at Downing Street in sandy point on March 18th at 9am.

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