Several Events Not Permitted Due To Late Application And COVID-19 Protocol Breaches

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 23rd , 2020 (ZIZ News): A number of events scheduled to take place over the weekend were not granted permission due to late application to host the events and breaches in Covid-19 protocol.

That is according to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Adolph Adams who spoke of some of the instances that resulted in an event not being granted permission.

“What we are seeing right now persons are waiting one or 2 days before an event to apply that does not give us enough time because we have to do an inspection so one or two days after an event cannot be feasible for the police to operate. We also see persons are applying for events-people want to keep a 500 crowd in an event that was approved for 75, we cannot allow those kinds of things. We also are seeing persons who are selling tickets and advertising long before they even make application so when they apply now and it turns out that they did not meet the requirement and so permission will not be granted.”

ACP Adams reminded persons of the process of application to host an event.

“The process is you would need to make an application ahead of time and the regulation speak about 14 days-so you have to apply 14 days prior to your event to have your function. The police would then send a notice to the Covid-19 Taskforce to check out that event to ensure that what they are applying for could be held at that venue and to inform the police to the capacity of that venue bearing in mind that we have to follow the regulations. The taskforce will do their inspection and then they will report back to us….and if you meet the requirements we will go ahead and process your application and inform you that you can go ahead and keep your event.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Adolph Adams.







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