Shawarma Eating Competition

(ZIZ News) — It was a night of fun and food at the Rams Food Court on Wednesday as the Inaugural Shawarma Eating Competition got underway.

Shawarma is an Arab dish where grilled lamb, veal, chicken, or turkey is shaved and served in a sandwich or wrap.

Omar, a student at Ross University faced off against his opponent DJ Rankin in a competition to finish their shawarma for a one hundred dollar prize.

In less than three minutes, Omar came out on top.

“Winning anything is a great experience,” he said. “I’m super happy for the chance; Thank you Shawarma King! I didn’t eat anything all day so I was really hungry so I just charged right forward with the food. I kinda felt bad for my opponent because he had this whole group of people throwing jokes at him… but whatever, it’s done”

The competition was organized by Shawarma King and the owner Navin Shamdasani said he wanted to introduce something new to give back to the patrons.

“It’s something to give back to the community. We’ve been getting good support from this island and we’re hopefully looking for more contestants to come by. It’s going to be the first Wednesday of every month,” he said.

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