Significance Of Independence 30

ZIZ News—12th September, 2013– The people of St. Kitts and Nevis have much to be thankful for in terms of economic and social development, as the federation celebrates its 30th year of Independence.

The significance behind St Kitts and Nevis’ 30th Anniversary of Independence was highlighted during the 15th Annual Prime Minister’s Independence Lecture Series.

Guest speaker, His Excellency Dr. Kevin Isaac said in 30th years, St Kitts and Nevis has transformed socially, economically and in infrastructural development terms.

He said in the human development indexes; St Kitts and Nevis has had such dramatic growth and has since graduated to the level of a high income, non-OECS Country by the international community.

He also commended the government on the growth in land and home ownership.

Dr Isaac says going forward, private-public partnerships must not be an option but an integral part of our development.

The theme for the 30th anniversary of our Independence is, “Stability, Creativity And Prosperity; Celebrating Independence 30!”

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