Sixteen litter wardens appointed

Basseterre, (SWMC) –  Sixteen workers at the St. Kitts Solid Waste Management Corporation recently received notification of their appointments as litter wardens. The letters were presented by Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ivan Hanley during a general staff meeting at the Corporation’s headquarters in Taylors Range. Ms. Candace Caines, Assistant General Manager of the SWMC said that the General Manager had sought the approval from the minister for 16 new persons within the corporation to be gazetted as litter wardens. “I have here in my hand a letter with your appointment. You will receive your official gazetted document very shortly, but for now you will receive this as an official notice that you are a litter warden,” she said. “It includes not just the litter wardens (but) members of management, members of the landfill staff, the security staff—it is a very important job that each of us have to do. It’s not just about going out and ticketing people, it’s giving good advice, warning people. Your job is critical as a litter warden,” Ms. Caines added.

The 16 appointments are:

List of New Appointed Litter Wardens

1. Ivor Keithley Phillip

2. Lexington Bedford

3. Randolph Browne

4. Valentine Heyliger

5. Leighton Ramsey

6. Candice Caines

7. Sylvester Wattley

8. Vance Beach

9. Jermaine Pringle

10. Jamella Christopher

11. Inita Lake

12. Desiree Grante

14. Mouricia Fyfield

15. Ivanka James

The litter wardens will receive their official instrument from the Minister responsible for the SWMC Mr. Eugene Hamilton at a later date. The appointment of litter wardens is done by virtue of the Solid Waste Management Act 2009-2011 section 47. 

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