SKABA Appoints Appeal Board…Ghetto Roots Assistant Coach expresses concern

Dwayne Sturge, Ghetto Roots Assistant Manager and Coach

ZIZ Sports…April 16, 2010 – According to SKABA officials an appeals board has been set-up to hear the challenge brought by the Dr. Garfeild Alexander and the Ghetto Roots Basketball Club over the restriction of the wearing of a religious head-wrap by Ghetto Roots player Dale Rochester aka the Bobo Dread.

Assistant Coach Dwayne Sturge raised a concern over the composition of the appeals board.

“I am not satisfied with the composition of the board, said Sturge. I have 3 main concerns and they are , the panel is too small. Their should have been someone on the board with a legal background preferably a lawyer and the Ghetto Roots Basketball Club should’ve been allowed to have an input on the board’s make up ,” Sturge Continued.

“SKABA is a party to the case and obviously if they appoint a board to adjudicate the case obviously they will appoint members who they think would be favorable to them,” said the former Ghetto Roots player Sturge. “I have a very serious concern about that”.

SKABA President James “Barman” Hanley announced on Sunday during the SKABA opening that an appeals board will be appointed to hear the matter. The SKABA executive met since then and appointed the 3 man panel.

The members of the recently appointed SKABA appeals board are Arthur Jeffers, Lester Ible and Glen Quinlan and they are set to hear the matter this Thursday afternoon.

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