SKABA Junior League launches with increased number of teams

ZIZ Sports…Feb 29, 2012 — Almost 100 players came out to basketball city for the launch of the SKABA Junior League 2012. According to SKABA President Romel Tobias the main purpose of the launch and assembling all players for this year’s season was to, for the first time, collect Information from players including height, weight, date of birth, playing position and photo to produce a SKABA player photo profiles of every SKABA Junior player.

This is a part of the new development thrust of the association which is seeking to uplift the level of youth basketball by creating a proper information database of all players starting with the SKABA Junior League.

“We intend to extend this exercise to the other divisions,” said Tobias. “In order for the game to properly develop proper records of all of our players must be kept, especially our young players who are often scouted for college teams which all require basic information of the players which is often not readily available because of the absence in the past of data collection programme such as this,” Tobias continued.

The programme involves the collection of information and photos and each players photo profile will be readily available digitally and otherwise.

This year saw an increase in the number of registered teams with 8. One more than last year and 2 more than the year before. Challengers Exodus will be participating for the first tie while Molyneux Strivers will be returning after a brief absence. Newtown Ground also will be returning after a brief absence from the league.

The teams participating in this year’s league are Sandy Point Fruta Falcons, Rams Hitters, Horsfords GhettoRoots, Newton Ground, Blue Devils, Challengers Exodus, Molyneux Strivers, Bird Rock Uprisers.

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