SKELEC Expands Service Offerings to Accommodate Customers

CartwrightFarrell-2(ZIZ News) – SKELEC, the main electricity company on St. Kitts, is expanding its service offerings to customers.

This week, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Cartwright Farrell, announced that they now accept electronic bill payments.

He said, “For a long time, customers have been asking when we’re going to do credit card payments and we started that a couple of weeks ago, I think it was the end of the month, and we’re continuing. At the moment, we only accept credit and debit card payments from Visa and MasterCard. We’re hoping to expand that to online payment where you can sit down at your computer at home, at work, wherever you are, pull up your bill, see everything that you have there, see all your details and we’ll allow you to pay online with your credit card.”

Mr. Farrell also gave an update on the smart meter installation program.

“First, I want to say thanks to our customers for accommodating us as we change out our meters. I know it’s been, in some places, less than perfect and customers have been very helpful and they’ve worked with us and we just want to say thanks,” he said.

SKELEC is observing Customer Appreciation Month in May with May 24th – 29th set aside as Customer Appreciation Week.

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