SKELEC moves towards pilot phase of smart meter implementation

ZIZ News — SKELEC will begin its pilot phase of the implementation of smart meters in early May beginning in Bay View, Camps, Boyd’s and West Farm. Smart meters are an automated metering interface that will allow SKELEC to capture readings and have those readings sent remotely to SKELEC metering system using GPRS technology.

Smart meters have been used in developed and developing countries for well over 10 years with tremendous value for both consumer and utility. SKELEC has invested heavily in the implementation of the “End to End Program” which includes the implementation of smart meters and smart grid technology. It is the aim of both the company and the ministry of energy to offer the residents of St. Kitts world class electricity service that is safe, reliable and modern.

With the installation of these smart meters customers will begin to see an improvement in the time it takes for them to receive a bill. The meter will collect readings at set intervals and these reading will be sent remotely along secure communications to SKELEC’s metering department which will in turn process this information for billing.

These new meters will allow SKELEC to

  • Collect readings faster and bill on time
  • Reduce human error in the reading of bills
  • Eliminate estimation
  • Collect outage information
  • Reduce theft and tampering
  • Allow customers to track their usage
  •  Increase efficiency 

Customers will be notified, firstly by mail, then a follow up meet and greet by members of SKELEC’s smart meter implementation team. This process will begin in April in the areas of Bay View, Camps, Boyd’s and West Farm. The installation of this meter will be at no cost to the customer and the service disruption during this installation will last no more than 30 minutes. The new meter looks very similar to our current digital meters.

Customers needing more information can visit our website at or email for more info. There will also be a frequently asked question (FAQ) on the website that will contain more information on how smart meters will work for you.

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