SKELEC to offer training sessions for electricians on the island

(SKELEC) –With its ongoing efforts to improve the services that it offers its customers, SKELEC is going one step further by partnering with qualified local electricians.

With the impending updates to meter standards which include installations, wiring etc., SKELEC will be hosting informational sessions geared at targeting electricians that offer these services.

It is the aim of the Company that all qualified electricians that will be doing installation and maintenance work on residential, or commercial dwellings, be present at these informational sessions. There will be discussions regarding methodologies, proper installation guidelines, construction standards, temporary service, customer service and more.  From these sessions, an electrical contractors list will be developed, and provided to customers as “Preferred SKELEC Electrical Contractors”.

To be a part of this series of informational sessions, SKELEC is inviting all contractors to submit their names, telephone numbers, address, and emails via telephone at 662-4669 or email First session begins Wednesday December 4th. It is essential that as a company we work together to make each of our jobs easier, and provide a safe, reliable and efficient electricity service to our clients, and customers respectively.

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