SKN National Federation of Clubs for UNESCO now established in St. Kitts and Nevis

NATCOM (SKN) – Basseterre: November 26, 2012: Coordinator of the UNESCO Clubs Jacqueline Christopher has reported that she is convinced that clubs in the Federation are about to experience a new level of vitality following the initial meeting of members of the organization.

According to Ms. Christopher, a number of local clubs stepped forward to take advantage of the UNESCO Clubs grouping which has had a legacy of assisting the process of “mobilizing civil society to create a vast synergy of expertise and hands-on leadership.” The recent one-day symposium featured the distribution of a document entitled “A Practical Guide for Clubs for UNESCO” as well as the election of officers. Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Antonio Maynard, told those present that in addition to their clubs furthering UNESCO’s objectives, they could also look forward to experiencing the inherent benefits of their association with UNESCO.

Mr. Maynard said that some of the benefits included access to participation in regional and international workshops; funding for local projects, as well as capacity building through training. He stated for instance that funding in the amount of $25,000.00 was allotted for the St Kitts Nevis Association of Persons With Disabilities for a special project which will be launched in December.

Some of the clubs represented at the symposium were Hope Nevis, SKN 4-H, SK-CHIP, Great Minds, SKN-AYF, 5M Club, Future Farmers Club, Junior Achievers, SKN-ADD and CFBC.

Ms. Christopher reported that former Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsura, had revealed that Clubs for UNESCO has been identified by UNESCO as being one of the outstanding organizations achieving UNESCO’s ambitious goals in this regard lending a fresh perspective to fostering the international organization’s ideals. They encourage dialogue, promote cultural diversity and contribute to peace and human development.

UNESCO embraced the role of clubs in helping to carry out its mandate as in many cases their very goals are complimentary. As such they are willing to give technical and other support to clubs which seek through their operations to facilitate understanding, cooperation and world Peace; support human rights; contribute to training in civics and democracy and participate in the social development and full development of the human personality.

The decision lies with each club to prioritize the objectives within the individual club’s framework.

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