SKN Reef Guardians Graduation

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 19, 2019 (ZIZ News): The first cohort of the SKN Reef Guardians was recognized on Friday at a graduation ceremony hosted by the Department of Marine Resources.

The SKN Reef Guardians Program is an initiative by the department of marine resources in collaboration with the department of youth empowerment and the Anjolique Dance Company’s See Life Sea SKN project.

It has been structured to support local efforts and leverage initiatives for conservation and environmental sustainability.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony on Friday, Director at the Department of Marine Resources Marc Williams said the training came about as a means of fulfilling the Department of Marine Resources mandate.

Acting Director of the Department of the Youth Empowerment Pierre Liburd commended the participants for the progress they made during the week’s training.

The SKN Reef Guardians program began on the 7th August 2019 and ended on 16th August with the official closing ceremony.

Areas of focus included an Ecosystem based Approach to Fisheries Management and Marine Based Careers, Learning about the St. Kitts and Nevis Marine Management Area, Marine ecology with a focus on Corals, Turtles, Sea grass, and Mangroves.

The program also featured practical applications which included beach clean and beach habitat ecology in field exercise also swim snorkel aid and marine experience exercises at Friars, Frigate Bay and White House Bay.

Attendees included youth volunteers, members of the Anjolique Dance Company and aspiring marine biologists.

As a federal entity, the department of marine resources is in the process of replicating this training with the youth in Nevis.

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