SKN Robotics First Global Challenge Update

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 20 2020 (ZIZ News): The St. Kitts Robotics Association has entered the 4th week of the First Global Challenge which is being guided by the theme ‘Connecting Communities.’

This season of the first global challenge will span 13 weeks in total between 27th June and 25th September and features interactive tasks and training sessions.

Since the beginning of the competition, the St. Kitts team has been participating in weekly sessions with the aim of capturing the top spot in September.

Team Captain for the First Global Challenge Sanjiv Suresh outlined what is expected of the team during the competition.

“This year, as it is a technical challenge, we are supposed to make videos and photos of every document that we would create, as well as more challenges that come along, we have to keep completing them by doing different videos. In that part, every member—we have 30 members on the team—so each member needs to complete their role so I am also the video editor for the team so I make sure that they complete their part, recording their part of the video and I compile them to make an outstanding video in the end,” he said.

Team member Hadassah Cuffy spoke of the significance of STEM and the advantages gained from participating in this event.

To me STEM involves a lot of critical thinking about the sciences and about the individual subjects like math and engineering and we are more inclined to play hand in hand in innovation and recreate more things and better products,: she said.

“It’s helping me a lot especially with team work, collaboration and it’s opening my eyes to the sense of robotics and technology so I’m learning a lot in those areas.”

Dr, Ricardo Neil who is the founder of the St. Kitts Robotics Association said the competition has been going well for the 30 participants that make up the St. Kitts team.

“It has been good so far. It has been exciting so far to have these meetings to have the students actually rallying which is one of the most important factors where they are able to rally together and create all of these things that we are doing. We are hoping to win this year so we are working hard to make sure that particular thing happens.”

The First Global Challenge also features Stem talks and interviews as well as technical training sessions to give first-hand insight on topics related to assembling a robot and their parts. Free online educational resources have also been provided to youth participating in the challenge to increase their knowledge on the many aspects of robotics such as coding, 3D modelling and general knowledge in the fields of STEM.

This is the 4th year St. Kitts and Nevis has participated within the First Global Challenge.


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