SKNFA Division 1: Victories for Challengers, Lodge, Hard Times, ManTab and Security Forces

KFC Trinity/Challengers United drubbed Davis Construction Lodge Patriots 6-0 on Tuesday night at the Warner Park as SKNFA Division 1 action continued. Goal scorers: Clyde Herbert in the 8th minute, Lavid Adams in the 31st minutes, Jody Walters in the 41st and 65th minutes, Dashaun Billingshurst in the 51st minute and Adrian Tobias in the 62nd minute. Coach Orren Hughes reiterated his view from the previous week that if his team shows up, they get good results. “We know the caliber of players we have and once they put it out on the field, we know that we will get the results. It’s unfortunate that we started the earlier part of the season with men down, but even though we would have done that we would have ended the season on a high,” the coach said. 

As the season is winding down, Coach Hughes described the season as a difficult one, which was severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “I think the COVID pandemic played a very negative impact on the team. When we came back out, it was a period of time players were not doing anything and to get them back out to train and come together as a union, it was very difficult to do so,” Hughes disclosed. 

The other match for the night between Sandy Point F.C. and Molineux was not played as Molineux did not have enough players to play the match. Meanwhile in Division 1 action on Thursday:

  (halftime score 0 – 0)

Scoring for Lodge Patriots
Kimbo Romney 90th +3mins

Red card
Chayne Davis (Lodge) 24th min

Match Officials: Shandor Wilkinson, Tyra Wilkinson, Ulinda Warner & Kazel Williams
General Coordinator: Kimberly Tucker- Gumbs

Match #2 at 8 pm

   (halftime score 0 – 0)

Scoring for HARD TIMES
Chavone Archibald 48th min
Kyron Liburd 74th min

Mantab crushed Newtown Ground 8-0 while Rivers of Living Water succumbed to a 6-0 defeat to Elco Ltd. Security Forces in SKNFA Division 1 action on Thursday at the Warner Park. For Security Forces, goal scorers are: 

#15 Dennis Phillip in the 2nd and 65th minute.

#7 Donyelle Francis in the 59th and 64th minute

#8 Evansley Fahie in the 80th and 90 + 2 minute.

After the match Coach Gary Clark commented on the good run of form of his team and said they are ready to compete in the playoffs. “Sometimes we don’t play to the standard that we want them to play but tonight we played extremely well,” Coach Clark said. “We just have to keep working hard and see what happens in the Final Four.” 

In the 8-0 victory for Mantab, goal scorers are: Dion Dolphin in the 19th minute, Jermaine Carey in the 37th and 88th minutes, Anvill Challenger in the 49th minute, Sylvester Alexander in the 58th minute, Eversley Davis in the 71st and 88th minutes and Sylvester Alexander in the 73rd minute.

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