SKNLP supporters – victims of tire slashing

Dr. Vance Gilbert
Dr. Vance Gilbert

(ZIZ)– Members of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party [SKNLP] have accused a selective group of non-supporters of threatening them verbally and physically.

According to the party’s candidate for constituency seven, Dr. Vance Gilbert, the attacks came after the SKNLP hosted a successful week of activities.

ZIZ is reliably informed that following a walk through in constituency seven, a number of persons returned to their vehicles only to find that their tires had been punctured.

“Those in constituency number seven who seek to benefit from keeping these divisions alive have used profane and inflammatory language, menacing threats and outright acts of violence as weapons to inflame hostilities among our people,” Gilbert said, adding that  members of his party will never resort to violence.

“We in the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and we in constituency number seven will never ever allow violence to overwhelm our political discourse and interaction. This despicable and criminal behaviour must be stamped out,” Gilbert added.

Sharylle Richardson
Sharylle Richardson

The SKNLP’s Chief Executive Officer, Sharylle Richardson, was one of the victims of the recent tire slashing. While speaking with ZIZ news, she shared the encounter.

“I came over with four inflated tires and then one of my tires had been punctured. I have to say it was punctured because a vehicle behind me had its two tires flat and another one behind that was flat,” Richardson explained, adding that she was targeted as a result of her affiliation with the sknlp.

“I believe it wasn’t any random act. I was targeted and my tires deliberately slashed. It has to be one thing, politics. The labour party supporters are not cowed. We are not intimidated. They would have to do a lot more than puncture my tire to get me to stop attending Labour Party functions, stop supporting my St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and stop loving my Dr. Denzil Douglas,” she said.

According to Richardson, four vehicles of well-known sknlp supporters were damaged, among them, a vehicle owned and driven by sister of constituency seven candidate, Dr. Vance Gilbert.

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