SKNYPA Offers Scholarship And Mentoring Program To First Form Students

Basseterre: St. Kitts, Tuesday, 27th July, 2021:​ The St. Kitts National Youth Parliament
Association (SKNYPA) is in its second year of providing assistance to students transitioning
from primary to secondary school by way of an academic scholarship through its Ward-Hanley
Scholarship and Mentorship Program.

Speaking on behalf of SKNYPA, Malakhi Ferguson, Public Relations Officer stated, “this
scholarship and mentorship program is geared to empower young people through their first year
of high school”.

Explaining the particulars, Mr. Ferguson clarified that the scholarship and mentorship program is
only available to those individuals who will be enrolled in any of the public secondary schools
within the federation.

“To be eligible for this scholarship, you [the student] would have to be transitioning from a
public primary school or a private primary school into a public high school. You would be
assisted in monetary contribution and through mentorship by one of our members”, he said.
“They [recipient] would also be given a specific mentor who would be able to assist them
[recipient] by giving them the support needed to navigate through this first year of high school.
The mentor is trained not only to assist in the academics of their mentee, but also a holistic
approach. They [the mentors] will be trained on a continuous basis to meet these needs, such as
social changes, educational needs and needs in their personal life. These mentors will be able to
assist on any level during this year and possible beyond that first year of high school”, stated Mr.

Recipients of this initiative will not only receive monetary assistance but will be exposed to
training that will help foster a civic responsibility.

“The “to be” mentees will be afforded the opportunity to undergo certain training such as
conflict resolution, motivational support and educational training. SKNYPA believes that these
trainings will significantly impact the character development of the to-be mentees”, noted Mr.

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