Small Axe wins Road March Title

SmallAxeBand-1(ZIZ News) — The Small Axe Band has been named Road March Champion for Sugar Mas 2014-2015 for its song “Bottoms in the Road”.

Announcing the results on ZIZ Radio, Chairman of the National Carnival Committee, Sylvester Anthony said Small Axe amassed a total of 577 points followed by the Grand Masters Band with a total of 570 points, Nu Vybes Band International then Kollision Band.

According to Anthony, the overall Carnival Grand Parade troupe winner is “Sweet Sizzling Summer” which was presented by Banker’s Mas Camp.

He said, “Tied for first runner-up is Solid SKB and Fhunn Vybz. The second runner-up, in third place, is “Occasion” presented by Saturday Morning Blast and followed then by DFX and Real Right Entertainment presented by DFX Mas Band and Real Right Entertainment.”

His announcement also revealed the winners of j’ouvert troupes.

“The overall winner of J’ouvert Troupe of the Year is Xtreme Generations with 151 points, first runner-up Small Axe Shiggidy Shack with 105 points and GM Addix with 104 points. The winner gets a cash prize of $15,000. The first runner-up gets $11,000 and the second runner-up gets $8,000,” Anthony revealed.

The Most Colourful Troupe Award and the Most Creative Award were both won by “Sweet Sizzling Summer” presented by Banker’s Mas Camp.

The Largest Troupe Award went to Fhunn Vybz presented by Ashley Allers and the Individual Mass Player winner was Shefton Blake.

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