SOL truck overturns at Southeast Peninsular (Updated)

Overturned SOL Gas Truck

ZIZ News…Sept 28, 2010 – A truck driver is in the hospital after a gas truck owned by sol flipped over today at the southeast peninsular. Alphonso “Peters” Herbert narrowly escaped death this morning when his truck rolled down a hill.

According to eye witness reports, the driver attempted to make his way down a side road when the he lost control of the vehicle.

The truck rolled down the hill and stopped at the bottom on the road, splitting in two. The tanker was partly in the road while the front of the truck was thrown in the bushes, with the driver inside.

Firefighters and other officers managed to pry Herbert from the wreckage at about 11:50 am. Herbert was conscious at the time.

Overturned SOL Gas Truck

He was transported to the general hospital several minutes later.

Gallons of gasoline leaked onto the main road into nearby bushes, causing officers to use extreme caution at the scene.

The nature of the accident also caused a huge road block on both sides.

According to SOL’s country manager, Ivan Hanley, Mr. Herbert is in a stable condition.

More information on the incident will be given shortly.

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