Solid Waste Management Corporation celebrating milestones

ZIZ News…May 19, 2012 — The Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC), St. Kitts, will commemorate a number of milestones ranging from ten to twelve years sustainability over the course of 2012. Traditionally, the month of May has been identified as the month in which the core celebratory activities took place.

Among such milestone achievements are:

(i) 12 years since the formal transition of responsibility and authority for a number of services from the Public Health/Environmental Health department to the SWMC (Collection Service, Litter Warden. Management of Conaree Dumpsite back then etc)

(ii) 10 years since the commissioning of the state of the art Sanitary Engineered Landfill at Conaree

(iii) Consistent improvement of the Litter Abatement and waste management related legislation leading to the passage in Parliament in of the ‘one-stop’ ” Solid Waste Management Act, No. 11 of 2009

(iv) From the assumption of rental office space at the Corner of Central and New Streets to the acquisition of property for own office space

(v) The Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Recognition Service and Luncheon put on by the Apostolic Faith Mission in St. Johnston Village, in September, annually, since 2004

(vi) The growth of labour force from three persons to one hundred at its peak

(vii) The provision of collection service to 11,500 households(2002) to approximately 20,000 households (2012)

(viii) Regional recognition for its waste audit exercise among the commercial sector

In 2012, however, the SWMC management has indicated that the celebratory and commemorative activities are not likely to be limited to the month of May but extend to the end of the year.

On Wednesday, May 16th , to kick-off the celebratory and commemorative schedule, the Management and Staff met at Conaree Landfill to participate in what the organization is dubbing its first General Assembly. It involved the congregation of all 80 employees of the SWMC at the venue to deliberate and make decisions on a number of matters. According to General Manager, Alphonso Bridgewater, “the General Assembly affords the opportunity to deliver a focused, consistent message to all employees simultaneously (and he) envisages at least two such General Assemblies per annum going forward”.

In the words of Executive Secretary, Sharon Drew (with the organization from its very inception) who together with Operations Supervisor/Wilmon Mc Call was responsible for coordinating the preparation and execution of the General Assembly, the General Assembly was a means of setting the trend “for positive thinking within the organization, building camaraderie, involving workers in the decision-making process and establishing requisite corps committees.”

This General Assembly was, however, focused on receiving the feedback and buy-in plus additional inputs and direction from the employees on a number of matters, including:

(i) Establishment of a corps committee comprised of proportionate representation (according to number of employees per Division/Unit) from the respective Divisions/Units of the SWMC (main Office/Administration, Litter Wardens, landfill, Collection, Mechanic). This committee will constitute the “workers’ voice” in matters requiring consultation with and involvement and participation of the workers. Such matters would include conflict resolution, peer discipline and sanctions intervention, decisions on alternative courses of actions in operations etc, delivery of benefits, general workers’ welfare, social and sporting activities.

(ii) The launching of the SWMC Social and Sports Club The General Assembly session was chaired by Operations Officer/Valentine Heyliger with remarks/presentations made by Sharon Drew/Executive Secretary re the Sports and Social Club, Project Officer/Sydney Matthew re the Sports Club Events, General Manager/ Alphonso Bridgewater re rationale behind the General Assembly and status on critical matters impacting the SWMC.

The General Assembly had the pleasure of being joined by the Honourable Marcella Liburd/Minister of Health, Social Development, Culture and Gender Affairs who made pertinent remarks. The General Assembly concluded with the election of the corps committee and the taking of a group photograph.

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