Some Projects under CBI Programme are Unbecoming, Says Prime Minister Harris

TimothyHarris-34(ZIZ News) – As the government continues to restructure the Citizenship by Investment [CBI] Programme, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris has expressed concern over the selection of some projects which benefit from the programme’s amenities.

He said, “We are looking of course at other projects. Some projects who, in many ways, we consider to be unbecoming of the signature of an approved project under this programme. Some of these, some have described as projects representing building empty boxes, too small for value, over priced in nature. This government is concerned about such developments and in time, we shall indicate how we intend to move forward to ensure that these projects do not again sully what should be the beautiful landscape of St. Kitts and Nevis.”

Prime Minister Harris pledged to raise the programme’s standard. He also thanked investors for their cooperation during the transition period.

“To genuine investors, I regret consequential delays you may have experienced as my government pause and took stock of a programme which was sullied when we inherited it from the former regime. We welcome your interests and investment in our beautiful islands,” the Prime Minister stated.

Noting that many investors contribute to the tourism sector through the construction of hotels and condominiums, Dr. Harris expressed gratitude to them for creating jobs for locals.

“To the developers like Park Hyatt etcetera, who are creating projects that will bring employment and investment to our country, we say you are most welcomed. We understand that the Citizenship by Investment Programme is a useful source of funding. Legitimate developers who create a positive economic impact on our islands will continue to enjoy the benefits of the programme. Tourism is a great source of income for this country and of course you are aware that most of these projects are as it were, involved in the tourism industry and so, there is a support base there,” he said.

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