Sparing the rod

Javel Bassue

ZIZ News…March 13, 2013 – Twenty-year-old Javel Bassue and a 17-year-old juvenile of Irish Town Bay Road were jointly charged for larceny of goods from a yacht berthed in the Basseterre harbour.

Both men allegedly swam out to the yacht and committed larceny.

Both were convicted and sentenced as follows: The juvenile was ordered to pay the sum of $2700.00 EC and also ordered to receive eight (8) strokes with a tamarind rod.

Javel Bassue was ordered to pay $2700.00 forthwith. He was unable to pay the money forthwith and was sentenced to three (3) months imprisonment.

Restitution of the stolen items was made to the virtual complainant who thanked the criminal justice system of the federation. Commissioner Walwyn, who publicly supports not sparing the rod and spoiling the child, stated that he would like to see more use of the rod being ordered by the court.

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