Spirit Week at Washington Archibald High School

(ZIZ News)

By: Chaïra Flanders

It is Spirit week at the Washington Archibald High School.

Students of the Washington Archibald High school dressed up in bright neon orange hair, socks and neck ties for Trendy Tuesday as part of their Spirit week celebrations.

While speaking with ZIZ, Deputy Principal at the Washington Archibald High School, Avernelle Martin explained why the school looks forward to hosting the Spirit Week activities every Sports term.

Some students used the opportunity to show off their creativity with neon-orange shoe laces, bow-ties, headbands and long wacky orange braids.

It was quite easy to identify the students with the most school spirit but one student stood out among the rest and it was no secret why.

First form student, Jahmali Connor showed off his bright neon orange hair and told ZIZ that he was able to achieve his look with help from his mother.

Connor said he entered the Best in Spirit Wear competition with the intention of winning.

The results from the Best in Spirit Wear competition will be announced on Thursday March 28.

The Washington Archibald High School’s Spirit Week of activities continue with Wild Cat Wednesday on March 27, Twinning Thursday on March 28 and Rep Your School Friday on March 29.

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