St. Kitts and Nevis Celebrates Caribbean Youth Day

(ZIZ News) – Newly appointed CARICOM Youth Ambassador Alternate, Trevis Belle is accompanying Minister of Youth, the Hon. Shawn Richards at the Caribbean Youth Development Conference in Jamaica.

Belle, in addressing the nation for CARICOM Youth Day on September 30th, implored the federation to practice the theme of the day “Refocus. Reinvest. Reinforce. Youth Integration for a Stronger and Sustainable Caribbean”.

He said, “It is time for our country to refocus its attention on the issues that really matter, on the generation that will lead St. Kitts and Nevis into the future. It is time to recognise that in order for our nation to progress, our young people must be the focus of each and every development agenda if we hold any hopes of building a future that is sustainable and prosperous. It is time to recognise that we must refocus the perceptions that surround the youth of St. Kitts and Nevis. It is time, St. Kitts and Nevis, to refocus our attitudes towards our young people. It is time for our nation to reinvest in our youth; to reinvest its trust in our in our ability to unleash positive change in our communities and our country.”

Belle also acknowledged the great strides made by the federation in the area of youth development.

“We applaud our nation on the enormous progress that has been made, the huge steps that have been taken to provide a platform for the youth voice. We applaud our leaders who have set aside their differences to unite for the cause of our nation’s youth. We applaud the educators who are the real heroes of our country. We applaud our fellow young people who are quietly and not so quietly engaged in youth involvement and activism across the many villages and communities that make up our nation,” he noted.

Ambassador Belle further asked for a continued commitment to the nation’s youth.

“As we celebrate Caribbean Youth Day 2015, we ask that you reinforce our message, that you reinforce your commitment to the advancement of our goals, that you reinforce your belief in us, the younger generation. Please remember us. We are the visionaries, the idealists. We are not yet so cynical that the challenges facing our country seem insurmountable. We are largely free from the burden of history, of old scores that need to be settled. We embody the vision, the passion and the energy that will propel St. Kitts and Nevis upwards into the future,” he continued.

Since 1985, Caribbean Youth Day has been observed annually on September 30th. Under a common theme and banner, the region celebrates the work and achievement of the Caribbean’s young people.

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