St. Kitts and Nevis to establish a Commission on Cultural Festivals

ShawnRichards-6(ZIZ News) — The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has proposed the establishment of a Commission on Cultural Festivals in the federation.

Federal Minister of Culture, Hon. Shawn Richards said this is being done in an attempt to boost support for the performing arts in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Minister Richards said the new commission will also be responsible for transitioning the National Carnival into an independent festival.

“Looking forward, we know that more support is needed for our cultural industries. That is why my government has proposed to establish a Commission on Cultural Festivals in the federation, including carnival, in order to improve their organisation, funding, financial accountability, inclusiveness and community engagement,” the Minister stated. “This commission should also oversee the transformation of our National Carnival into an independent festival managed by a statutory organisation which will be responsible for its international marketing. Why should we continue to keep our rich and broadening cultural and artistic landscape a secret?”

He said they are confident this new venture will result in a much more profitable National Carnival.

“We value the support and encouragement of our good corporate citizens whose contributions have kept our carnival buoyant and we thank them and expect them to be as generous in the future. But as God helps those who help themselves, we are committed to implementing key policies to facilitate direct and indirect infrastructural changes to realise a more profitable carnival.”

According to Minister Richards, the public will be given the opportunity to weigh in and present their ideas on the new commission.

“We are looking forward to engaging you all in this process. More information will soon be available on how you can lend your perspective on our consultations and conventions as we embark on this new exciting course. There is much to talk about and think about. Suffice to say that all these programmes are designed to provide new opportunities within a transformed society and economy. So get involved and let us make this work,” he noted.

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