St. Kitts and Nevis Youth Directors exchange best practices

SKNIS Photo: Director of Youth Empowerment Geoffrey Hanley and the Youth Services Coordinator Diana Pemberton, met in Basseterre on Tuesday (February 14).

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 16, 2012 (SKNIS): The Federation’s youth stand to benefit from an enhanced relationship being pursued by the Department of Youth Empowerment on St. Kitts and the Social Services Department in Nevis.

Director of Youth Empowerment Geoffrey Hanley and the Youth Services Coordinator in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) Diana Pemberton, exchanged ideas and information on various initiatives being carried out by their respective agencies during a meeting in Basseterre on Tuesday (February 14).

Ms. Pemberton told SKNIS that the meeting “went well” and highlighted a number of areas of mutual interest targeted for greater cooperation. Youth entrepreneurship was discussed in depth. Increasing community service was another critical issue considered.

“Volunteerism is on the decline on both islands,” Ms. Pemberton stated. “We are trying to get persons to actually give up their time for the youth, give up their time for afterschool programmes, give up their time for the activities and the many groups we are trying to form.”

Director Hanley briefed his counterpart on the 25 Most Remarkable Teen awards which was introduced last year in St. Kitts. The youth recognition programme, which honours non-traditional accomplishments, is being expanded to Nevis this year. Ms.Pemberton explained that she was very impressed with the initiative and was eager to work with stakeholders in identifying suitable candidates.

Mr. Hanley thanked Ms. Pemberton for her commitment to strengthen the relationship between both entities and eagerly accepted an invitation to participate in Youth Month activities celebrated in April in Nevis. He expressed an interest in learning more about the NIA’s Summer Job Attachment Programme which has produced many success stories over the last nine years. The six-week programme facilitates internship opportunities for 4th to 6th form students providing practical experience for the working world.

A work exchange initiative is being explored between the youth staff from both islands which will deepen linkages and facilitate a better understanding of related issues.

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