St. Kitts Mental Health Association Ready to Host Mental Health Awareness Week

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 5, 2022 – Mental health professionals of the St. Kitts  Mental Health Association (SKMHA) will lead a week of activities focusing on mental health awareness, accessibility and action during its annual Mental Health Awareness  Week, October 9 – 14, 2022. 

This year’s theme, “Make Mental health & Well-being for all a Global Priority” is in  keeping with the general theme for World Mental Health Day (October 10). 

For Zahra Jacobs, President of the Association, the theme is an opportunity for  individuals to reflect on how they can protect and improve their own mental health,  especially after two emotionally tolling years. 

“The last few years have been challenging for many of us, both in St. Kitts & Nevis and throughout the world. From public health emergencies to natural disasters, to wars and displacement, to climate emergencies, to the ongoing sometimes violent fights for  justice – mental health has become a global crisis. I am pleased that with the growing social and economic challenges, the St. Kitts Mental Health Association has continued  our awareness and advocacy campaigns to remind us that mental health is integral to the progress of our Federation”. 

Week of Activities 

Throughout the upcoming week, the Association will be worshipping at the Pentecostal  Church of God Basseterre Sanctuary (October 9), leading a wellness yoga session on the  Frigate Bay Lawn (October 13) and distributing care packages to the patients at the JNF  Psychiatric Ward (October 14).  

Members of the Association will also be engaged in conversations with media  personalities on mental health topics, mainly on the following programs: Mind, Body and  Soul with Julie Charles, Objectively Inco-wrecked with Stephen Smith, Good Morning  SKN, Tabooed Talk with Merv-Ann Thompson, Island Tea with Jade and Azem and Island  Therapy with Tracy Wattley. 

National Wear Green Day

A highlight of this year’s activities is the ‘National Wear Green Day 2022” that will take  place on Monday, October 10, 2022. Community members are encouraged to wear green  to show support and raise awareness for mental health on that day. 

“One of the new additions to our week of activities is our Wear Green Day. As persons  wear green and see other people wearing green on October 10, we encourage you to  have compassion for yourself and those around you. We charge you further with seeing  how our systems can better be enhanced to support those in our community.  

We have taken many steps in the right direction- community mental health services,  guidance counsellors in schools, counselling services accessible to the public, day  treatment services for people with mental illnesses but there is room for so much more,”  Zahra Jacobs. 

Beyond the Week 

“We look forward to unpacking the theme of mental health and mobilizing efforts next  week. We also look forward to hearing from and being in conversation with community  members about ways that we can improve what is offered so it truly feels like mental  health is a priority for St. Kitts & Nevis in 2022 and beyond.  

Our work goes beyond this week, and we are excited about the opportunity to join  hands, hearts and voices to ensure that easy access and assistance remains a focus in the Federation,” Zahra Jacobs. 

Community members can find the full breakdown of the St. Kitts Mental Health  Association Week of Activities on

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