St. Kitts Music Festival Tickets on Sale

(ZIZ News) – Tickets are now available for purchase for the 19th annual St. Kitts Music Festival.

The festival’s Marketing Co-Coordinator Saju Ng’alla, in speaking with ZIZ News, revealed the ticket outlets.

“In St. Kitts, you can buy tickets on Porte Zante at the Tourism Events Unit, which is located inside the Ministry of Tourism. You can also buy tickets at TDC Business Center on Central Street. You can also go to the football ticket outlet at Warner Park and buy tickets there. Those of you who are at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort in the Frigate Area, you can go to the St. Kitts Marriott Resort and purchase tickets there. In Nevis, we have one ticket outlet: that’s located in Charlestown at the City Drug Store,” he explained.

According to the Marketing Coordinator, tickets can also be conveniently purchased online through the festival’s website.

“We also do sell tickets online at our website and that address is You can go to the site and we do have a link called “tickets” and you simply use your debit card or credit card and they give you a number which you can redeem here at any of these outlets to get your tickets. You can also use that same voucher—you can print out the voucher which you can use to get the actual ticket or take that voucher to the music festival and use that voucher to get in,” he explained.

Mr. Ng’alla said along with nightly tickets, season passes are also available for purchase.

“Tickets for each night are $100 E.C or $40 U.S per night. You can also choose to buy season passes to cover you for the three days and a season pass is $270 E.C or $105 U.S,” he said.

The 19th annual St. Kitts Music Festival will take place from June 25th to 27th at the Warner Park Football Stadium.

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