St Kitts-Nevis Customs and Excise Department Implements New Initiatives for 2020

Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 30, 2020 (SKNIS): Several initiatives are expected to come on stream in 2020 for St. Kitts-Nevis Customs and Excise Department as it moves to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness.

“We have some plans moving into 2020 and these plans include the introduction of a second X-Ray machine at the air cargo facility at the main airport. That second scanner will also be used to scan general cargo,” said Jervin Nisbett, Customs Senior 4, Courier Operations Manager, on January 29 edition of ‘Working for You.’ “As we speak about X-Ray machines, we plan to go a step further and introduce X-Ray for passenger baggage at the baggage terminal.”

Mr. Nisbett said that the scanners will benefit everyone.

“It will speed up the examination of the passengers and it is faster and non-intrusive, so we don’t have to go digging into your bag unless something piques our interest. It is non-intrusive so when you come you just drop your bag, it goes through the machine, we look at it and then you are out the door,” he said.

Equally important, Elmar Martines, Assistant Comptroller of Customs for Investigations, used the opportunity to speak about the scanner that is installed and operational at transit shed two located at Bird Rock. The area mentioned is one that “experiences the movement of a large number of cargo that is imported by sea.”

“I must indicate that we have been reaping rewards relative to an increase in interdictions as a result of the cargo scanner,” he said, while recognizing the hard-working staff. “Our officers at the frontline are to be commended as well for exercising their remarkable examination techniques which cause them to highlight indicators in order to refer those consignments for further scrutiny by the X-ray machine,” he added.

Mr. Martines said that “producing the resources to combat against the trade of prohibited and restricted goods is a work in progress.”

An induction course for new officers and the opening of a brand new enforcement building are among other initiatives to be rolled out in 2020.

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