St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association Summer Campers off to picnic at Brimstone Hill

SKNFA Campers

As the St. Kitts-Nevis Football Association (SKNFA) prepares to wind down its all Summer long Youth Football Camp, the participants were treated to a day off from the football, or so we were thinking, as more than ninety (90) boys and girls between five (5) and seventeen (17) years were treated to a picnic at Brimstone Hill on Tuesday 17th August.

The tour started with the viewing of the film about the history of Brimstone Hill, and then a tour of this World Heritage Site.

Just when the parents, Coaches and representatives from the SKNFA who accompanied them thought they would retreat to the shaded areas for some fun games after the tour, about fifty (50) of the children, yes you guessed it, decided to play some football, in the sun.

While they enjoyed themselves, most of the others were running up and down just enjoying the fresh breeze at the top of the Gibraltar of the Caribbean, while the remainder just relaxed in the shaded areas enjoying jokes between themselves.

The day climaxed when the participants were treated to lunch compliments Dominoes Pizza, Ocean Cold Storage and the Iceman from Richardson’s Enterprises.

The SKNFA would like to thank the following for making the entire picnic possible:

1. The Brimstone Hill Society
2. Journey Masters Tour Guide
3. Dominoes Pizza
4. Ocean Cold Storage
5. The Iceman & Ruichardson’s Enterprises and
6. the parents that accompanied the children.

The camp climaxes on Friday 27th August.

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