St Kitts-Nevis promoted as IT country

ZIZ News…Tuesday 22 June 2010 – The Republic of China – Taiwan believes the Federation of St Kitts-Nevis has all the right features to be promoted as a technological country.

According to Taiwan’s Resident Ambassador to the Federation, his Excellency Rong Chuan Wu, the latest technology focus is gradually shifting from the internet and computer use to the concept of what he has termed, ‘crowd competition’ and creating ‘information technology villages.’

The Ambassador says with their assistance over the years, St Kitts-Nevis is now poised to becoming an IT country.

In this vein, Ambassador Wu encourages the Government to use the geographical location of the country and the size of the populace to their advantage.

The Republic of China-Taiwan has recently donated 50 computers to the Federation of St Kitts-Nevis.

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