St Kitts welcomes Logos Hope to its shores

ZIZ News…May 13, 2010 – St Kitts has welcomed the arrival of the Logos Hope ship to its shores. One of the main facilities on the ship is a floating book fair but it has many more facilities to offer.

The Logos Hope ship places an emphasis on Christian values and has over 400 volunteers from over 45 different nationalities on board. The ship is part of GBA ships which is a German based non-profit organisation which operates ships around the world to bring knowledge, help and hope.

ZIZ News caught up with the Captain of the Logos Hope, James Thomas Dyer. Captain Dyer said the ship is very special and the range of nationalities that are on board the ship makes it a learning experience for all volunteers.

Gian Walser is the Director of the Logos Hope. He said being part of the ship’s crew has enabled him to see different parts of the world and also meet communities from across the globe.

Chantal Minaar is one of the newest crew members on the Logos Hope. She spoke of how she found her experiences on board the ship so far.

The Logos Hope arrived in St Kitts from Antigua. It will leave St Kitts on Monday 17th May where it will head to Dominica. It will continue on to Africa and then the Middle East.

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