St Lucia’s economic citizenship programme officially opens

(Dominica News Online) Saint Lucia started accepting applications for citizenship by investment from January 1, 2016.

This follows an announcement made by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony during his opening address to the Global Citizens Forum in Monaco last October.

Dr Anthony described himself as a jealous guardian of Saint Lucian citizenship, but noted the time had come to think beyond traditional approaches in order to deal with the challenges that small states face. Citizenship through investment, he said, has become a viable alternative.

The Prime Minister informed the gathering of citizenship lawyers, wealth managers, marketing agents, investors and VIPs that Saint Lucia, by accepting new citizens, would not just be offering citizenship but would be offering an identity, a people, and Saint Lucia’s place in the world.

He stressed that new citizens must enhance Saint Lucia’s global standing and ensure that the country’s proud heritage endures.

The Prime Minister also outlined the principles and characteristics of the programme to be implemented. He noted the legislation establishing the programme was supported without political rancor, with the blessing of both the ruling government and opposition parties.

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