St. Peter’s Bus Association Condemns Illegal Actions Of Bus Operators

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 13, 2020 (ZIZ News): On Wednesday’s episode of “On the Road, Traffic Talk”, Host of the programme Inspector Phillip Eddy of the Traffic Department was joined by the Public Relations Officer of the St. Peter’s Bus Association Tyrone “Granny” Browne to discuss the illegal actions of bus operators observed by the traffic department and the association.

Browne spoke of bus operators who solicit passengers outside of the bus terminal noting that it is wrong and it prevents other drivers from getting passengers and making money.

“This problem has been occurring for a long while. Since the East Line Bus Terminal have been built there has been some bus operators who have never used the bus terminal, they stay on the road more or less block traffic and is depriving other busses from getting a reasonable chip and that is not right,” he said.

He also said the traffic department’s decision to move the bus stop near Redi Fried Chicken on the Bay Road resulted from bus operators waiting for passengers there.

“In January the Commissioner came to a board meeting and that reach on his table about the bus drivers going down by Readi Fried parking there and actually waiting for passengers. Busses from the West and St. Peter’s have to stay in the road and drop off passengers and it was not right, it was causing confusion.”

“On the Road, Traffic Talk” airs every Wednesday at 8:30 am on ZIZ radio during the “Morning Show”, it is also streamed live on all ZIZ social media platforms.

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