St Vincent PM responding well to treatment in Cuba

RalphGonsalvesFIlePhotoAKingstown, St Vincent (CMC) — Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is responding well to treatment being administered for a muscle injury.

Communication Consultant in the Office of the Prime Minister, Elson Crick, told the Caribbean Media Corporation on Thursday that the treatment in Cuba is “going well”.

Gonsalves,68, left St Vincent and the Grenadines for Havana 10 days ago, to treat an injury to his right rectus femoris.

The injury had seriously affected his mobility.

“The treatment is going well. It’s a slow process because of the nature of the muscle damaged and, of course, because of his age,” Crick said.

“Younger people heal faster than older people. Conservative estimates are that he should be back in the country, I would say, sometime towards the end of next week,” Crick told CMC.

He, however, said that Gonsalves’ stay in Cuba could be longer than expected.

“He is in fine health, he is getting a lot of rest and paying attention to his diet, trying to get off some weight,” Crick said.

It is the second time this year that Gonsalves is receiving medical treatment abroad.

In May, he underwent a surgical procedure in Europe to correct what he described as “niggling pain” where a surgical procedure has been done in Barbados two years earlier.

In April of this year, doctors ordered Gonsalves to rest as a result of an ankle injury, the Prime Minister said he sustained in his bathroom.

In July, Gonsalves was seen walking with a slight limp and told reporters that he had injured his knee, but not seriously.

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