Stars of tomorrow shine at end of camp recital

Shooting Stars at End Of Camp Recital

(Basseterre St. Kitts, July 27) On Sunday the Anglican Church Hall on Victoria Hall glistened, twinkled and shone as all 100 campers and camp leaders of the Stars of Tomorrow Performing Arts Day Camp took to the stage for their end-of-camp recital entitled “21st Century Stars”. This recital was the culmination of the 7 day camp where campers aged 4 – 16 were engaged in various activities that improved their dance performance and musical theatre abilities as well as their costume design and modeling skills. According to Co-Director, Ozelle Martin, “Many campers walked through the door very timid but throughout the week, it was evident that the confidence of our Stars grew gradually and the end-of-camp recital was somewhat of a coming out party where they displayed their newly enhanced talents.”

The Stars of Tomorrow Performing Arts Camp dance curriculum exposed campers to the basics of ballet, modern dance, jazz, african, afro-caribbean and hip hop. In the Costume Design sessions, all of the Stars (as campers were referred to) made costumes using simple everyday materials. During the Musical Theatre classes, emphasis was placed on understanding the significance of connecting facial and bodily expressions to performance. At the center of the Modeling curriculum created by Co Director Iantavian Queeley, was the development of self-esteem and self- confidence. Focus was not only placed on the development of runway and print modeling skills but also on empowering our youth to realize that true beauty lies within. Indeed, one of the main aims of the camp was not just to develop future performers but poised, confident, well-mannered, multi-faceted young ladies regardless of future career goals.

Twinkling Stars making paper laptops and techno hats

Throughout the entire duration of the camp, camp leaders also promoted the use of technology in an effort to bridge the gap between those who currently use it and those who do not. In each session, camp leaders illustrated the way technology impacts the development of the performing arts; exploring robotics, responsible use of social media, using the computer in the promotion of the Arts, music editing, capturing the essence of theatre through the camera lens and the youngest group, Twinkling Stars, made and branded their very own laptops, cell phones. microphones and techno-hats.

The Stars of Tomorrow Performing Arts Camp would like to express gratitude to ICT4EDC, Rituals Coffee House, CFB College, Party & Style, Premier Planners, Julie Martin, Heidi Slack, Shirley Adams, Kesha Issac, Liska Bass, Yonik Brand Photography, Agnes Ogletree, Carib Brewery, Department of Gender and Community Affairs and The Little Children Foundation for their unyielding support throughout the camp.

The 2011 Stars of Tomorrow Performing Arts Day Camp opened on Saturday July 16th. It was a joint project of the CFBC Dance Ensemble, Children’s Dance Theatre, Fireflies Dance School and Pink Splash Media Group. The Directors were Iantavian Queeley and Ozelle Martin and they were ably assisted by Camp Leaders Tama Martin, Krystal Glasford, Jovansia Matthew, Nekirah Nicholls, Candace Richards, Delrose Huggins, Aveney Morris, Donalene Roberts, Akilah Browne and Davina Doras-Cranstoun. More photos of the camp and the recital can be found on

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