State-of-the-art fuel farm installed at The Marina at Christophe Harbour

The Marina at Christophe Harbour in St Kitts has introduced a new facility that will set new standards for the yachting sector across the Caribbean.

A new state-of-the-art fuel farm has recently been installed and is now ready to serve superyachts up to 85m. The fuel is being supplied by Sol which is the premier supplier of petroleum products in the Caribbean basin.

General Manager of the local Sol office, Roger Braithwaite, says that his company, “Welcomes Christophe Harbour into our family of 25 marinas that we serve across the Caribbean with Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and Shell lubricants.”

“We support Christophe Harbour in its goal to deliver a true Caribbean waterfront experience and lifestyle for its home owners and visiting boaters in a marina environment that aims to set the highest standard for marinas in the region in the area of infrastructure, environmental safeguards, safety and customer service,” said Braithwaite in a statement from Sol.

According to Christophe Harbour, the new fuel farm positions St. Kitts to be a hub for yachting activities in the Northeastern Caribbean and a significant driver of yachting traffic for this coming season.

Aeneas Hollins, the director of yachting at Christophe Harbour, talked about the importance of the new fuel farm. He said, “Fuel is one of the primary outgoings for any yacht owner and finding a reliable, convenient, high-quality and economical place to refuel is something at the top of every captain’s list.”

Hollins, a former superyacht captain, continued, “Our new fuel farm will deliver top grade fuel, quickly, for significantly less than other traditional Caribbean hubs.”

The 48,000-US-gallon fuel tank will serve some of the largest superyachts when they dock at the marina. The fuel cost is lower than the average in the region.

The fuel is exempt from both tax and duty and will therefore cost about 10 cents less per US gallon than the local average and presents an essential improvement to regional superyacht infrastructure and offerings.

According to Christophe Harbour, SOL will supply the high-grade ultra-low sulphur diesel, and all major credit cards are accepted, including AMEX.

The onsite tank enables the marina to provide 40,000 US gallons per day, in-slip refueling at a rate of 125 gallons per minute.

The ongoing enhancement of facilities at Christophe Harbour Marina provides opportunities for careers and for locally supplied quality services, as the marina positions itself to play a leading role in the Caribbean yachting industry, and the development of a strong yachting industry for St. Kitts and Nevis.

Hollins also revealed that the opening of the fuel farm has created the opportunity for the hiring of additional staff. Several marina dockhand positions are currently available. He encouraged Kittitians and Nevisians to apply for the positions

Christophe Harbour’s infrastructure not only caters to superyachts, but also incorporates all of the other transport fueling services owners and guests could require, such as jet and helicopter fuelling via our partner, YU Lounge private jet terminal.

In a region where a significant proportion of yachting traffic is made up from charter yachts, these polished superyacht-ready services and St Kitts’ location in the centre of the popular West Indies — around 40nm from St. Barths, 48nm from Antigua and 44nm from St Maarten — makes Christophe Harbour a really attractive option for starting and ending Caribbean charters.

“We are really able to maximise charter readiness and efficiency,” says Hollins. “From refueling to provisioning and concierge services to expedited guest clearance on landing at a private jet terminal, we offer the complete package, meaning that we can streamline the whole process.”

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