Statement by Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Dr Janice Daniel-Hodge

Charlestown, Nevis, May 26, 2022 (Nevis Reformation Party) — The following is a statement by the Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge. 

There is a fundamental difference between NRP and CCM.

NRP’s approach to developing Nevis is to collaborate and negotiate, in the best interest of our people. CCM’s approach is to lie, divide and dissolve, for self-interest.

The Premier is desperately attempting, and blatantly lying, to align NRP with PLP, I assume based on the relationship that he had with them. One must wonder if he went to law school to become a Blatant Liar (BL) or to earn a Bachelor of Law (LLB).

The Premier is repeatedly lamenting that he is asking the NRP for help. But how can we help them in their lying, divisive and destructive ways?

Certainly, NRP would not sit on our hands, for 7 long years, especially with an LLB, without taking the necessary steps in cabinet to secure Nevis’ fair share.

Now that the opportunity to put the LLB to work for the people of Nevis has been squandered, we now see the BL degree being put to work.

NRP understands how to work in a coalition government, for the benefit of our people and our country. 

Just as the NIA with the power to self-rule and “clause 113” were enshrined in our constitution by NRP, so too would Nevis’ fair share be enshrined in law by NRP. My father would remind me that the pen is mightier than the sword!

Lest we forget the $400 million, the people of Nevis could be assured that an NRP led  NIA would have invested in the sustainable development of Nevis…even to reduce the cost of electricity, keep water in our pipes and ensure that our public servants received their 10% salary increase in 2022!

The lies may have distracted people before, they may have confused people before, and it even looks like they have confused PAM; but they certainly won’t fool the people of Nevis this time around!

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