Streaming Unites Nationals

(ZIZ News) — As ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation continues to provide live streaming of Sugar Mas events on our website, residents living abroad say they feel more connected to the Federation during the Carnival season.

ZIZ Radio Personality, Kinney “Kupid” James said recently there has been an increase in the number of persons who want to sign up to watch the streaming on

“We’ve actually had a rush of individuals who want to sign up for streaming of this Sugar Mas 44 because they want to be a part of all of the previous events, all of the new events that have been added to Sugar Mas 44; so yes, the influx has been incredible,” he said.

The next streamed event will be the National Carnival Swimwear Pageant & Mr. GQ Show on Sunday December 20 at 8pm.

Persons can log on to to sign up and watch that show and other events live, throughout the Carnival season.

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