Students Receive Book Covers Sponsored by the FND Credit Union

Text books being covered by the SELF staff
The General Manager, Mr. James Webbe, accepting sample of Text Book Cover from Ms. Donna Bassue, S.E.L.F Coordinator Ministry of Education
Students from Basseterre High School with text book protected with covers sponsored by the FND Credit Union

ZIZ News…Feb. 9, 2013 — Students at the various public schools were presented with book covers as part of the Ministry of Education’s Text Book Cover Initiative which began last year. Students receiving text books on loan from the Ministry’s Student Education and Learning Fund (S.E.L.F.) are required to protect those books to ensure durability and demonstrate responsibility by caring for the books.

The FND Credit Union made this possible with a donation to cover the cost of some 200 book covers. In presenting a sample of the covers to General Manager, Mr. James Webbe, the SELF Coordinator, Ms. Donna Bassue, expressed gratitude on behalf of the Ministry and commended the FND Credit Union for its continued commitment to youth development in St. Kitts & Nevis. She stated, “We believe the scheme is an effective way to minimize the replacement of textbooks which helps the Ministry to save money.

Mr. Webbe congratulated the Ministry for its foresight in assisting students to become more responsible and liken the SELF program to the Loans Department within the credit union. He stated that as students have to “pay back” the SELF program by returning their books in good condition, so too older students also have a responsibility to repay their student loans. He further stated that learning accountability at an early age will prepare them to successfully shoulder their responsibility of repaying their [Student] Loans later on. Most importantly, as they now help the Ministry to save money, they too will be able to build their savings while repaying their loan through the credit unions Growth Savings Scheme

The Book Covers are currently available at the SELF Office and parents are encouraged to take advantage of this free gift on behalf of the students.

The FND Credit Union continues its initiative to reach out to youths within the community through a variety of sponsorships and donations. Since beginning its youth outreach programme 2 years ago the FND Credit Union has donated approximately $2,000 to schools in support of their various academic and sporting ventures. The FND Credit Union also offers financial education to youth through its Youth Savings Account Programs.

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