Students Suspected in the Burning of a Teacher’s Vehicle

(ZIZ)Police are investigating a disturbing incident at the Verchilds High School which has resulted in the destruction of a teacher’s vehicle.

The green 1998 Rav 4 vehicle apparently went missing some time around 2:30 and 3p.m on Wednesday from the Verchilds school yard and was found this morning in Lamberts Village.

Education Officer, Stanley Knight explained to ZIZ News what exactly transpired.

He said, “Apparently, a teacher had his vehicle parked on the premises, the vehicle was removed from the premises between 2:30 and 3 o’clock. Subsequently, the vehicle was Lamberts.burnt.”

He added, “I witnesses have placed two students in uniform in the vehicle.”

Knight said, “It’s something that of course is extremely concerning to the Ministry of Education. We have to consider the safety of our teachers, of our teachers’ properties and in general the escalation of this type of unwanted behavior and violence against teachers and it is something that the ministry is going to be looking into and dealing with severely.”

The teacher who owns the vehicle wishes to remain anonymous but the school officials apparently have their suspicion as to the students involved.

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