Sugar Mas 40:40 Prize Giving

Sugar Mas 40:40 came to an official close on Friday with the Prize Giving Ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the Independence Square where gift prizes and cheques were distributed.

Prizes were handed over to winners of the Prince and Princess Pageant, Junior Calypso Show, Talented Teen Pageant, j’ouvert and Parade Day troupe competitions, Soca Monarch competition, National Carnival Queen Pageant and the Calypso Monarch competition.

The total payout was an estimated $400 000.

Minister of Culture Hon. Marcella Liburd, thanked the public for attending the official closing of Sugar Mas 40:40 which she dubs one of the best carnivals ever and used the opportunity to thank the participants for their patience.

Sugar Mas 40:40’s biggest winners were the National Carnival Queen, Kalia Huggins and the Calypso Monarch, King Konris who both received keys for their brand new cars at the Prize Giving Ceremony.

Ms. Huggins won a Hyundai Accent while King Konris won a Mitsubishi Lancer.

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