Sugar Mas 48 Calypso Season begins tonight

ZIZ News (By: Chaïra Flanders) — Good news for Kaiso lovers. The Sugar Mas 48 Calypso Season begins this week with the Legends Tent tonight at Krave Restaurant on New Street in downtown Basseterre.

Residents and citizens will get the opportunity to listen to calypso songs and see performances from their favorite calypsonians and new comers alike.

The calypso action will continue at Proud Sound, Sprat Net in Old Road on Thursday November 7, 2019.

The week will wrap up with the Female Calypso Eliminations on Friday November 8 at Vibes Beach Bar & Grill, free of cost.

The activities are being held ahead of the official opening of the National Carnival activities on Friday November 15, 2019.

Sugar Mas 48 is being celebrated under the theme, “Why Wait, Let’s Celebrate; Sugar Mas 48”.

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