Summer Tennis and Golf Programs Conclude

Sports Page — There was a grand closing ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort on Thursday 31st July which effectively brought to an end the 2014 edition of the summer camp for Tennis and Golf, hosted by the Department of Youth and Sports.

The proceedings were ably chaired by Director of Recreation, Mr. Mackay France who indicated that the renowned Resort was always happy for such opportunities to give back to the Nevisian community.

Also addressing the children and some parents, who showed up, were the General Manager, Mr. Sven Wiedenhaupt; Tennis Pro Chris Myrold and his assistant Anthony Webbe who all expressed delight at the ability of the Hotel to host the program for the last 13 years. They also pledged that such programs will continue and will only get bigger and better.

Also present at the impressive ceremony were: Resort Manager—Ed Ganan; Human Resources Manager—Jackie Lyon and Volunteer—Alexandra Vontolouva.

Ms Vera Herbert represented the Ministry of Youth and Sports and thanked the Resort management and staff for assisting the children in learning the two sports and for their continued assistance in ensuring that the program has been in existence for 13 years and still going.

The children were then each presented with a brand new Tennis racket.

Mr. France explained that once a year, the Tennis Pros from various Four Seasons Resorts congregate at the Nevis Hotel and face off in a Tennis tournament. The guests are afforded the opportunity to predict winners at a cost and the money raised is used to buy Tennis rackets for the children who enlist in the program.

The children were obviously happy and there were shrieks of delight as they received their brand new Tennis rackets.

General Manager Wiedenhaupt further indicated that they are now considering implementing similar programs for such donations in Golf; Gardening and Cooking, so that children can enhance their skills at the Hotel’s expense and maybe one day, they may choose to work at the Hotel on a full time basis.

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