Supervisor of Elections outlines Election 2015 Plans

WingroveGeorge-1(ZIZ News) — The Supervisor of Elections has addressed the Nation one week before the staging of the 2015 Federal Elections.

In his address, Wingrove George touched on a number of issues including the candidates contesting the elections, persons who can and cannot vote and the different symbols of the respective political parties.

“The 22 candidates have each been allotted symbols based on their political affiliation. Candidates from the same party have been assigned the same symbol. The symbols that are allotted to each party are as follows: the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party – the hand; the People’s Action Movement – the hat; the People’s Labour Party – the saw; the Nevis Reformation Party – the bottle and the Concerned Citizens Movement – the hammer,” George explained.

He said anyone registered after November 30th, 2014 will not be eligible to vote in the February 16th elections.

“When a writ is issued between the publication of the last revised monthly list and any other revised monthly list, the last revised monthly list shall be used for the purpose of the poll which essentially translates to mean that any person who registered after November 30th 2014, will not be eligible to vote in the February 16th general elections…It is therefore suggested that voters should examine the register to make sure that their names are listed before going to the poll,” he explained.

According to George, there will be a total of 90 polling stations on St. Kitts and 33 on Nevis.

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