SVG Home To New Medicinal Marijuana Firm

Putting the recent volcanic devastation behind it, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines celebrated a significant win with the launch of Medicinal, a marijuana cultivating firm that offers a range of CDB products….made from plants that seem to thrive in volcanic infused soil.

The company was started by Kelly Glass and Barry Ferdinand in 2018, not too long after the SVG government legalised medicinal marijuana.

Having been a recipient of medicinal cannabis while being treated for cancer in the US, Glass experienced first-hand just how effective it is.

He was determined to introduce Vincentians to the power of medicinal marijuana while also making it accessible to them.

The company’s Chief Science Officer, Marie-Helene Tremblay told Loop Caribbean: “Cannabis has been grown in SVG for decades by traditional farmers. One of our main goals is to professionalize the cannabis industry not only in SVG but everywhere we set foot. This is done by training local farmers and being the first ones to get accreditation in good agricultural and collection practices. Medicinal intends to keep St. Vincent’s scientific minds in St. Vincent by creating jobs and opportunity for them.”

Tremblay said local farmers are the backbone of the country’s agriculture sector and will be instrumental in maintaining a sustainable economy for the cannabis industry.

As such,  she explained, Medicinal has committed to providing technical assistance to guarantee that all protocols are followed and standards met.

“Technical assistance will include field supervision, seed-to-sale platform, seedlings and cuttings, as well as the importation of items needed by the farmers,” she said. “Using the Analytical Laboratory soon to be opened in SVG, we will be able to assure that the quality meets our standards by acquiring certificates of analysis for each product harvested at local farms.”

The Chief Science Officer said: “In SVG, we grow on volcanic soil, which is ideal for plant growth. We are very lucky to have such fertile soil, and all year round sun that helps the plants mature in an optimal way. We have many traditional farmers on our team that have been growing.”

Tremblay further explained: “Our vertical integration allows our customers to track the provenance of individual plants from seedling through growth, harvest, drying, extraction and purification. This reassures our customers that Medicinal has the control on all aspects of the supply chain.”

Having gotten approval from the Medicinal Cannabis Authority, Medicinal launched 20 products that are being distributed locally.

These products- lotions, tinctures, vapes, flowers, pre-rolls and kief- are THC and CBD.

THC is defined by the way cannabis makes you feel while the effects of CBD can’t be felt.

Wondering how this groundbreaking company impacts the SVG economy?

Tremblay told Loop: “Medicinal employs more than 40 employees. Moreover, we create indirect employment through our co-op farmer program. The company hopes to grow even more in the next year. Every time we can, we source our materials locally (construction, agricultural, marketing…). We have three new facilities in SVG. All three facilities created employment for more than 75 construction workers.”

Tremblay said it’s a privilege to be part of this growing industry. The aim she said, is to improve the lives of Medicinal customers, clients, partners, staff and the wider community

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