Swimming event draws record participation this year

Winners row

ZIZ News…March 27 2012 — The tenth annual cross channel swim between St. Kitts and Nevis was held on Sunday 25th March. For this significant anniversary swim there was one major difference: The previous nine years, the swimmers had started the race in Nevis -at Oualie Beach to be exact and concluded in St. Kitts. This time around, the swimmers commenced the course in St. Kitts and concluded at Oualie Beach in Nevis.

President of the St. Kitts-Nevis Triathlon Federation, Winston Crooke indicated that the reverse swim was suggested because of the significance of the anniversary so that the closing ceremonies and awards presentations could be done in Nevis.

The event saw record participation this year, with 130 swimmers attempting the course. Only three or four persons failed to complete it and had to be picked up by boat. The oldest swimmer was an 81 year old male, while the youngest was an 8 year old male.

Youngest and oldest swimmers

In speaking with a few of the persons who had completed the race previously, they found the course more difficult coming from St. Kitts, than leaving Nevis and going to St. Kitts. However, most of the new comers to the event, found the course ‘enjoyable.’

The top results saw:

Joanna Starr-England/Nevis
Kathryn Conklin-USA
Kathryn Cochrane-USA

Bryan Hart-USA
Sachin Sankar-Trinidad and Tobago (14 year old)
Nikolas Pattantyus-USA

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